Philosophy Kalevala: Sustainable Art

Welcome to Kalevåla Arts, sustainable art for everyone. Through our collections we bring pieces from all around the world straight to your rooms. Our prints are unique and with our limited editions the design is always exclusive. We aim to bring your spaces alive with your own personality with the beautiful story behind every print while we take care of our planet using only materials from recycled or organic sources. Discover the world of Kalevala.

Unique style for sophisticated decoration

Kalevåla means Northern Lights in the Finnish language, a natural event that everyone might have on their bucket list and everyone wants to enjoy. Our prints try to recreate that feeling you have when your are witnessing an extraordinary event, but framing them inside personal spaces. The style of the frames and prints are clearly nordic, and the collages by Kalevåla Arts will become a vital element for the most sophisticated and stylish spaces with affordable prices.

Unique and original designs + limited editions

Each design of our decorative prints from Kalevåla Arts have a unique handcrafted process and work behind. We use the collage technique to create an exclusive piece of work that will always make us think of different parts of the world. You will receive a unique print procuced only in small quantities. Our collections take time to create and to produce. This is the reason why we only release collections on a quarterly basis.

Responsible and local processes

All our prints are 100% made in Europe. From the very beginning when the ideas are developed to the printing and packaging process: all of it is made in Europe. Our prints are design with loads of love and dedication in Spain and are printed with the most curated processes. The full process is made under the idea of a local and responsable production that guarantees sustainable art.