We answer your questions

You already know we are into sustainability and our prints are 100% recycled. You know our prints and the story behind them. You got the inspiration you needed and you are certain your Kalevala piece of work will look perfect in any of your rooms. But you still have some questions. You are exactly where you should be! We want to help you making the right choice so you only have what you need. In this page you will be able to solve the F.A.Q.

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Are the prints framed?

When you add your selection to cart, you will be given the option to choose or avoid the frame. Please note that the Price of the print is higher with the frame and the stock is even more reduced.

I like a product but is not in stock. What should I do?

Please, email us to info@kalevalaarts.com or use the contact form so we can let you know about the options you have.

What are the available sizes for the prints?

The size is 30x40cm or (11.8inx15.7in). It is a standard size and you will easily find a frame for it. The size is perfect so you can make a composition with one or more prints! If you choose the framed option, the size will be always a bit bigger

How will I receive my Kalevåla piece?

If you order the print itsfelf, you will receive it in a postal tube packed inside recyclable roll. If you want the frame, the package will be different.

How long will I have to wait until I get my order?

We usually process orders in 24 hours and send it through international couriers. It will depend on the Courier service and holidays, but we expect it be with you in 4 working days (Europe) or 7-10 working days for the rest of the world.

How many units have been printed for each print?

We want each piece of Kalevala to be as unique and exclusive as possible, so except on special editions that are usually only available offline, we only make 50 copies of each print. This way we ensure only 50 people will have one of each prints. Once we are out of stock, we will release the following collection. You can also read our philosophy to understand more about how we work.

Can I make a custom commission?

Of course! If you want to order a comission with an specific subject or images, please contact us and we will make you a personalized quotation. No worries, if you don’t want to make an order, no strings attached!